The Democratic Republic of the Congo

Muungano Single Origin Espresso

Kumquat · Black Tea · Date-like


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《ムンガノ シングルオリジン エスプレッソ》


内容量:200 g / Whole Bean
  • Bean Details

    Various Smallholder Farmers


    The Democratic Republic of the Congo


    Kiniezire, South Kivu






    1500 - 2000 Meters


    February - June

    Tasting Notes

    Kumquat, Black Tea, Date-like

  • Farmlevel Story


    Swahili for ‘togetherness,’ the Muungano cooperative in the South Lake Kivu region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo exemplifies the spirit of collaboration on which so many coffee supply chains are dependent.

    Despite boasting the second-largest landmass in Africa and an abundance of natural resources (the second-largest river in the world... For starters), Congolese exports - such as coffee - have been at the mercy of years of political instability, civil war, and corruption.

    Established in 2009 with a mere 350 member smallholder farmers, today the Muungano cooperative receives ripe coffee cherries from over 5,000 members farming coffee as high as 2,000 MASL. Upon delivery, cherries are sorted by way of floatation (a technique popularized in Burundi to weed-out over- and under-ripes before processing) before undergoing pulping, a 30-hour fermentation, channel washing and raised-bed drying for at least 14 days.

    Potato Taste Defect:
    Like their neighbors Rwanda and Burundi, Congolese coffees too may occasionally fall subject to the “Potato Taste Defect” (PTD) wherein a single infected bean can augment the flavor of an entire cup of coffee (noticeable only once brewed). Such cups - boasting a distinctly earthy, potato-like flavor - are few and far between; a testament to Muungano’s commitment to eradicating the defect. Nevertheless, if you encounter a PTD-tainted cup don’t hesitate to inform your barista in exchange for a new beverage.

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