Laney Beanie

¥0 ¥3,800






  • 45% ベビーラマ
  • 45% メリノウール
  • 10% マイクロツイード

私たちはKnownSupplyとコラボをしました。Known Supplyは最もエシカルな慣行と、これまでに見た中で最高の品質を兼ね備えています。既知の供給は、公正に調達され、高品質のアパレルを作っています。コレクションのすべての衣類はオーガニックコットンで作られ、それを作った個人によって手で署名されています。

This cozy beanie is the color of the holidays. You will feel the need to sit by the fire drinking hot chocolate in fuzzy socks or go hike a mountain in the snow. Named after our Green Coffee Buyer, Laney, who said: “I love this beanie like I love coffee, and that’s a lot”.

Materials Used:

  • 45% baby llama
  • 45% merino wool
  • 10% micro tweed

We partnered with Known Supply because they have the most ethical practices paired with the highest quality of any clothing company we have seen. Known Supply creates quality apparel that is fairly sourced and that celebrates the individual behind each product. Every piece of clothing in the collection is made of organic cotton and hand signed by the individual who made it.

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