Faircloth x Verve

Faircloth x Verve

Remember Not to be Ordinary

There are some pretty rad people in Los Angeles, and we're excited to introduce you to one of them.

Phoebe Dahl is the founder of Faircloth & Supply, a philanthropic clothing line based in DTLA, just a few feet from our Spring Street cafe. While traveling through Japan and India in 2013, Phoebe was inspired by the effortless and elegant casualwear she saw that could be both functional and beautiful, unconventional and familiar. From this, Faircloth & Supply was born-- but with a twist. For every dress they sell, Faircloth & Supply donates two school uniforms, school supplies, and a scholarship to send a Nepali girl to school for one year.

For a girl in Nepal, education is everything. Today, 67 million children in Nepal are not in school, and over 50% of them are girls. Girls who attend primary and secondary school in Nepal are far less likely to be forced into early marriages, child labor, or sex trafficking. When these girls are given the opportunity to succeed through education, the economy improves, the rate of HIV transmission goes down, and future generations are set up to succeed.

When asked her inspiration for this global movement, Phoebe explained, “I've always been surrounded by incredibly strong and powerful women. Faircloth & Supply is providing the resources for a new generation of powerful women will be allowed to emerge, and we think that's pretty amazing."

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Our commitment to ethics and excellence is one that Faircloth shares. Phoebe and her team cares about transparency and ethical standards, so much so that they have visited every dye-house and manufacturer that makes their clothes to meet, photograph, and support the teams that create their clothing. Phoebe has personally taken that commitment one step further, committing to what she calls “a year of not buying anything new, unless it's made sustainably and ethically”. The importance she places on being honest, genuine, and impactful is something that we really admire. That's why we're so excited to announce a new and exciting mission for Verve. By partnering with Faircloth & Supply, Verve is able to impact more communities than we ever thought possible.

Faircloth & Supply is providing the resources for a new generation of powerful women will be allowed to emerge, and we think that's pretty amazing.

Together, we've chosen “Remember Not to be Ordinary” as the motto for this partnership because it reflects the values of both Verve and Faircloth. It reminds us to always think outside the box, and be creative above all other things. It forces us to question everything, be flexible, and make sure that we're always doing our best, even if it makes us different. Especially if it makes us different.

When you purchase one of our Faircloth x Verve 100% organic cotton shirts, you will be committing to the education and future of a Nepali girl. Not to mention, you'll also be supporting local, sustainable, and natural dye houses and manufacturers in DTLA. That's about as far from ordinary as it gets.

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