If you don’t own an Aeropress, you can pick on up here.

Portable, durable, customizable and cleanable; The AeroPress set out to deliver on a range of brewing styles - from espresso-strength to filter - and that it did. Designed by the inventor of the Aerobie flying disk, Alan Adler, the AeroPress’ clever construction of BPA-free plastic enables rapid brewing and spotless clean-up.

Due to its small brew-chamber, the AeroPress is best suited for one to two small cups and is perfect for brewing on-the-go.

The following recipe achieves a classic filter profile using the “traditional” method, but the AeroPress is a ripe testbed for adaptation and variations are abound. Get crazy!

Step 1

Measure out 14 grams of coffee (assuming a 1:15 ratio and remembering that the AeroPress can only fit about 240 grams of water).

Grind it fine. We recommend a #14 on your Baratza Encore, #13 for a Virtuoso and #13b for your Preciso.

Step 2

Gather all your AeroPress components together. Make sure the plunger and chamber are clean and airtight.

It’s common practice to rinse the small paper filter in its basket (don’t burn yourself) to rid the filter of paper flavor.

With the filter in the basket, attach the basket to the AeroPress.

Step 3

Pour the entire dose of 210 grams of water in the first 10 seconds, stir to saturate all the coffee particles. Attach the plunger to create a vacuum inside the brewing chamber.

The AeroPress uses immersion (a solvent, water) to extract the water soluble compounds we like in coffee (sugar, lipids, acids)- so try to lose as little water as possible.

Step 4

Allow to brew for a minute.

Step 5

Remove the plunger to stir once again at 1:15. This will speed up extraction before plunging.

Step 6

Plunge! If the brew is lacking, you might want to steep for a longer period of time. If it’s over whelming, try a coarser grind setting.

Enjoy in good company

This is the brewer you want by your side in ugly airport-layovers, on the freshest trail, and at the nicest sunrise spot. A great butane burner and a compact grinder are the best investments you can make in your AeroPress kit. We prefer the Snow Peak or MSR field burner, and the Porlex grinder.